At Fizzio for Life our experienced and qualified Allied Health team treats a wide spectrum of conditions for all ages. Use the filter below to view staff members grouped by their areas of expertise, or click on the picture to learn more about your team.


Michael Gilbert


Founding Fizzio for Life in 2010, Michael is the principal physiotherapist, who is focused on providing the Logan community with exceptional allied health care. Experienced, thoughtful and caring, Michael takes a holistic approach to helping our patients improve their functional movement, mobility, health and well-being.

Michael has extensive experience in general physiotherapy and rehabilitation, helping patients recover from a vast range of injuries and health conditions. Having experienced multiple injuries himself, coupled with intermittent back pain, Michael fully understands and empathises with the pain that our patients are often feeling.

Also an exercise physiologist, Michael tailors exercise programs to assist our patients in managing chronic disease and other health conditions. Furthermore, Michael is a qualified lymphoedema practitioner, helping patients improve and manage this uncomfortable condition.

Leading the Fizzio For Life team, Michael’s workday begins with coffee, after which he heads into the clinic to treat patients with complex needs, supervise and mentor our junior team, and provide support for our clinical staff. Combining his listening and problem-solving skills, Michael is unwaveringly focused on achieving good outcomes for our patients. Always.

Dedicated to building a team that’s more like family, Michael loves watching our junior staff progress and develop their skills. A jack of all trades himself, he’s often called upon to get rid of hiccups (a unique skill) that can be attributed to his commitment to perseverance.

As a child, Michael wanted to drive tractors and work with his dad in the sugar cane industry. However, after an early rugby and coaching career, Michael developed an interest in exercise science and went on to pursue physiotherapy.

Passionate about all sport, especially rugby union, Michael also loves being on the water, a place where you’ll find him most weekends. Exploring the local waterways and beyond, Michael loves spending time with his wife and dog.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Masters of Physiotherapy and is an accredited Lymphoedema physiotherapist. He is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Exercise & Sports Science Australia and is registered with the Australian Lymphoedema Organisation.


Julie Atkin


A senior member of our team with extensive industry experience, Julie graduated as a physiotherapist in 2008 and has since continued to develop her skills and qualifications. A senior physiotherapist, here at Fizzio For Life, Julie’s focus is centred around women’s health, cancer rehab and assessing and treating musculoskeletal conditions.

Dedicated to helping our patients improve their health, strength and confidence, Julie takes a holistic approach to her patients. Attending to the whole person, rather than the symptom or injury, Julie treats pelvic floor, prolapse and continence disorders. She also helps women with pregnancy and post-natal care along with cancer rehabilitation.

Before becoming a physiotherapist, Julie worked as an executive assistant in the public service. After rupturing her ACL in 2000, Julie developed a deep understanding of the rehabilitation and recovery process. Knowing she wanted to make a tangible difference to people’s lives, she decided to combine her love for exercise and interest in the function of the human body. Thus, she pursued her career in physiotherapy.

Coming a long way since her childhood dream of being an accountant, Julie has extensive experience in providing dedicated and effective treatments and programs. Helping her patients achieve a high quality of life, her motto in life is to be warrior, not a worrier.

Creative at heart, on weekends you’ll find Julie baking a delicious cake, lighting up the dance floor or out on the water. A former flying trapeze amateur and Latin dancer, Julie always loves a new and adventurous challenge. And, if she had her own teleporter, Julie would whisk herself away to Italy for a three month travel holiday.

In addition to her expertise in women’s health, Julie also has a wealth of experience in sports physiotherapy, having worked with Morningside AFL Club, Labrador AFL Club, Qld Senior AFL, Qld/NT Under 21s and Queensland Women’s Hockey.

Julie has undertaken additional training in the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor disorders, clinical Pilates (DMA Level 4), western acupuncture and dry needling, as well as sports physiotherapy. Julie holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and is an accredited Pinc Cancer Rehabilitation therapist. She is also a member of the Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health Group of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.


Maathangi Karunaharan


Maathangi, or “M” as we affectionately call her, has over four years of experience working as a physiotherapist in both private practice and occupational health. Bubbly, honest and compassionate, Maathangi is dedicated to providing holistic care to her patients. Looking further than simply managing a condition, Maathangi will look further into each patient’s individual needs, concerns and future health goals.

Very personable with an eye for detail, Maathangi takes an active, evidence-based approach with her patients. She cares for a wide of range of people and conditions, from pre- and post-surgical management through to musculoskeletal and sporting injuries. She is also competent in dry needling and clinical Pilates.

A day in Maathangi’s week will always begin with a hot cup of tea before she heads into work. Once here, her typical routine consists of assessing and treating patients, setting and helping them reach their goals as well as running clinical Pilates classes twice a week. Phew! Inspired by the people she works with, Maathangi is driven by the satisfaction she gets helping patients. Oh, and cake. She loves cake.

Hitting the gym after work, followed by dance practice at the Nadananjali School of Dance, Maathangi will then go home to spoil her two (very cute) kittens.  And on weekends? You’ll find her hiking, dancing, playing board games, Dungeons & Dragons and relaxing with her friends.

If Maathangi could click her fingers and go anywhere in the world, it’d be Milford Sound in New Zealand. And her number one bucket list to-do is to visit all the Wonders of the World, with the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu placed at number one.

With childhood hopes of once being a tree fairy, when Maathangi realised this was an unlikely career path, she pursued her dancing dream. A classical Indian dancer for over 20 years, Maathangi has experienced a range of injuries, from ankle sprains and cartilage tears through to tendinosis. Also suffering from whiplash in her early 20s, Maathangi understands the importance of seeking early physiotherapy treatment as well as continued self-management and exercise.

Maathangi holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) and is currently completing extra professional development in the area of ankle and foot injuries in dance.


Emily Nelson


Compassionate and caring, Emily is dedicated to helping people achieve their health goals and improve their quality of life. Taking an evidence-based, problem-solving approach, Emily provides comprehensive assessments and detailed treatment plans for her patients. Treating people with acute injuries, persistent pain and disabilities, Emily also visits patients in their homes.

Seeing patients return to the activities that they love and achieving their goals is the number one aim for Emily. Second to this, Emily thoroughly enjoys working within the Fizzio For Life team. And a close third is her love of cake.

On a typical day, Emily will start her morning with coffee, then exercise which may include a gym workout, running, surfing or yoga. Active and adventurous, on weekends you’ll find her at the beach surfing or camping with friends. The number one ticket on her bucket list is to skydive and if you have a question on marine animals, she’s your go-to for random facts.

As a child, Emily dreamt of becoming a vet, but this all changed after she completed work experience with a physiotherapist in Year 12. Having experienced neck pain, headaches and migraines throughout her childhood, Emily learnt that the stronger she became, the less frequent the pain. Understanding this firsthand gives Emily the insight to help patients minimise, manage or eradicate pain, dependent on the assessment.

Emily holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), has completed a placement in Timor-Leste and has a keen interest in international public health.


Josh Willcocks


Helping people achieve their health goals through exercise, Josh has over five years of experience in exercise physiology. Throughout his career, he’s worked with many different injuries and health conditions with both patients and across many government initiatives, including Medicare, NDIS, DVA and WorkCover.

Patient and empathetic, Josh genuinely cares about the long-term well-being of his patients. Skilled in adapting an exercise to suit his patient’s individual needs and goals, he’s also able to gauge when they’re ready to safely progress.

A typical day for Josh revolves around using exercise and movement to help people achieve a better quality of life. This could be in the gym, at the park, developing in-home programs, or conducting telehealth appointments. You’ll also find Josh helping patients at the in-clinic gym, at external gyms, and at hydrotherapy classes at the local pool.

Motivated by helping people work toward their functional movement goals and recover from injuries, Josh feels ultimately rewarded when a patient begins to see results and he can see how proud of themselves they are. He loves working with the Fizzio For Life team, which encompasses a positive and enjoyable vibe, every day.

A keen sportsman, Josh himself has suffered from a range of injuries, including a ruptured ACL and torn meniscus from playing touch football. This, in fact, is what sparked his interest in rehabilitation exercise. Having experienced injuries himself, Josh gets that the recovery process is long and knows that the best strategy is to be consistent with your exercises and remain positive. 

Outside of work, Josh enjoys being active and keeping fit. Walking the talk, he knows that if he’s dishing out advice on exercise, he needs to be doing it himself! Whether he’s outdoors on an adventure, playing rugby, at the beach, hiking or exploring new territory (hello new cafes and bars), you’ll find Josh at his happiest.

Featuring at number one on his bucket list, Josh wants to see as much of the world as possible; a goal which fits nicely into his personal motto, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. A humble, yet talented artist, Josh hopes to one day dedicate more time to his drawing.

Josh holds a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology, is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and is an Exercise and Sports Science Australia Member (ESSAM).


Kerryn Ivers


With over six years of experience as an exercise physiologist, Kerryn loves helping people to improve their health so they can live their life to the fullest. Whether that be returning to sport, managing a chronic condition or simply being able to get up and down to play with grandchildren, Kerryn genuinely cares about her patients’ well-being.

With a focus in the areas of occupational rehabilitation, chronic disease rehabilitation and group exercise classes, Kerryn is dedicated to helping our local community live a healthy and active lifestyle. Having completed additional training in cancer/oncology rehabilitation, Kerryn is passionate about the role exercise plays in cancer prevention, mitigating the impacts of cancer treatment and survivorship.

Reliable and caring, a day in the life of Kerryn involves meeting with patients to review, prescribe, educate, motivate and progress their physical conditioning programs. She meets with patients in the clinic, in hydrotherapy sessions at the pool and in their own homes. 

A creative thinker and problem-solver, Kerryn can think outside the square when faced with a challenge to overcome barriers and find a solution. Meeting people where they are at and listening to their story, Kerryn applies her extensive knowledge to their situation to help them move toward their goals.

Seeing people have fun while exercising makes Kerryn super-happy. After all, looking after your health doesn’t have to be a chore. A SUP enthusiast herself, she loves getting out on the water and dreams about bike-packing around Europe with her husband.

If Kerryn was granted one wish and could go anywhere in the world right now, you’d find her lounging by the water after a SUP session, watching her kids play in the sand. When there’s no genie in sight, Kerryn’s weekends are spent watching her boys play cricket. On a day-to-day basis, Kerryn is constantly feeding her growing children and doing their laundry! It naturally follows that good coffee is a must!

Kerryn holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Human Movement Studies (Hons), is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and is an Exercise and Sports Science Australia Member (ESSAM).


Nathan Johnson


With over five years of experience as an exercise physiologist, Nathan is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether you need to get back to work or the sport you love, Nathan provides tailored exercise programs to help you on your path to a healthier and happier life.

Compassionate and fun, Nathan’s priority is to help you to do the things you love. He thoroughly enjoys engaging with and supporting our NDIS participants, is focused on strength and conditioning exercise for athletes returning to sport, and is especially interested in treating neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

At his happiest when witnessing patient wins and success, Nathan is driven by the satisfaction of helping people to relieve pain and achieve milestones they thought were not possible. Developing a personalised exercise and movement program to suit your capability, Nathan provides you with unwavering care and encouragement. His extensive knowledge around exercise enables him to assist you in your recovery, rehabilitation or chronic disease management.

In his downtime, you’ll find Nathan playing or watching sport, spending time with family and friends, drinking coffee, listening to podcasts and always hungry (yes, truth!). He loves being outdoors, in the sun, exploring nature or out on the water. Proficient at riding a bike with his dog on the lead (no catapulting over the handlebars here), Nathan dreams of watching an AFL grand final live at the MCG or Liverpool playing at Anfield.

A massive sports fan, Nathan loves AFL, cricket, football, rugby, basketball and American football. Having fractured his ankle playing AFL and experiencing post-surgery complications, Nathan knows how quickly life can change. He also has a deep insight into what it takes to recover from an injury and the importance of moving as soon as you can.

Nathan holds a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Business (Accounting). He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Exercise Scientist and is an Exercise and Sports Science Australia Member (ESSAM).


Jayne Russell

Jayne Russell Fizzio for Life

Jayne is an exercise physiologist at Fizzio for Life. Providing guidance and support to our patients through carefully structured exercise programs, she is instrumental in improving the quality of life for many of our patients.

Open-minded, compassionate and super-positive, Jayne instils a feeling of hope and self-belief in our patients. This fits beautifully with her motto in life which says, if there’s one thing you spread in this world, let that be kindness.

In her day-to-day, Jayne begins her morning with meditation and then takes her dog for a walk, while listening to her favourite podcast. Journaling before bed is an evening ritual and on weekends, Jayne loves to visit the gym, relax with family and friends and hang out with her dog.

As a child, Jayne dreamt of participating in the Olympics as a professional horse rider. Always going for gold, her enthusiasm and patient empathy is genuine and well-appreciated amongst our patients.

If she could be anywhere right now (apart from work, of course) Jayne would beam herself up and over to Bali. And at the top of her bucket list? To do a meet and greet with sloths and giving them big cuddles.

Jane possesses a unique talent, in that she’s never had a headache in her life. She has, however, experienced lower back pain that would become aggravated after exercising. Fortunately, she sought physiotherapy early on, followed a treatment plan to manage her pain, and is now pain-free. Hooray!


Jo Gilbert


Our big picture thinker, project manager, team overseer and organiser of things, Jo has over 10 years of experience in running the Fizzio For Life clinic. Always busy, with a cheeky twinkle in her eye, Jo has us laughing (a lot), while simultaneously managing the business to a tee. 

A problem-solver and critical-thinker, Jo loves achieving successful outcomes. And when she talks about success? She’s referring to persistence, not brains. Empathetic in her approach, Jo is driven by positive feedback about our team and service. She also loves connecting with patients and forming long-term relationships.

If Jo had to choose between being granted one wish or a neverending pack of tim-tams, she’d take the wish and find herself boating in the ocean with her husband and dog. Creative at heart, Jo knows her way around a ukulele (just!), is the master of dad jokes, can pull together a sentence in Mandarin and has completed half of her PhD.

Having experienced many broken bones, and most recently a broken ankle as well as serious deep vein thrombosis, Jo understands how it feels to be in chronic pain. Always focusing on the positives, Jo manages her pain with appropriate rest and exercise, self-care and by following medical advice.


Mickayla Brauer


Caring and friendly, Mickayla is your first port of call if you have a question about your treatment. Ensuring that our team is consistently providing high quality care, Mickayla’s number one priority is to ensure our patients are happy. 

Always checking in to ensure each patient enjoys a stellar experience, Mickayla cares deeply about our patients’ outcomes. Working closely with our NDIS patients, she is extremely compassionate and supportive.

Playing an invaluable role within the clinic, Mickayla is adept in time management and possesses Marie Kondo-like organisational skills (truth!). Methodical in ensuring that each NDIS patient’s paperwork is up-to-date, Mickayla also gains immense satisfaction out of the knowledge that our team has helped make a significant difference to patients’ lives.

If Mickayla owned a teleporter, in a click of her fingers she’d be on the beach with her dogs, no questions asked. She loves to travel (anywhere and everywhere), enjoys wakeboarding and delights in visiting her family up north. As a child, Mikayla dreamt of being a bank teller, believing they got to keep all the money people gave them (if only!).

Always here to help, Mickayla will liaise with your therapist, GP or third-party case officer, ensuring you have access to the entirety of services that will progress your care.


Adam Gilbert

Adam Gilbert

Adam has been part of the Fizzio For Life team for over six years. Intuitive and resourceful, Adam manages our bookkeeping and payroll. He also liaises with our patients, assists front desk and takes care of our diary management.

Applying his exceptional planning and problem-solving skills, Adam is motivated by the team he works with (we may have paid him to say that), the flexibility of his role, and of course, cake (a common theme here at Fizzio For Life).

If Adam could double blink and be anywhere in the world at this very moment, it would be Milford Sound in New Zealand. And the first must-do on his bucket list? Is to cage-dive with sharks.

In his downtime, Adam loves to relax at home with his family and always tries to start his day with an iced latte on his way to work. Exceptionally good at trivia games, Adam believes his ‘useless’ knowledge may be borderline concerning. But on a serious note, he’d love to live out his childhood dream and get back to playing the drums.

Having worked at a desk for many years, Adam understands the strain this can place on people’s shoulders and back, and consistently performs a range of exercises to help improve his posture. 

Adam is currently studying his Bachelor of Business, with a major in Human Resource Management.


Alyse Cleaver

Friendly, kind and always positive, Alyse greets our patients as they arrive at the clinic. Making you feel instantly welcome, Alyse is our resident ‘glass half full’ team member (yes, everyone needs an Alyse). 

A busy bee, you’ll also find Alyse booking patient appointments, answering phones, faxing and ensuring our reception area is perfectly tidy (she has a Mrs Doubtfire passion for cleaning). Getting to know each and every one of our patients, Alyse loves seeing them progress in their treatment and improve their quality of life. 

With a background in nursing, disability services and aged care, Alyse is a nurturer at heart. She’s also a talented saxophonist and can touch her nose with her tongue (this is a gift). On weekends, you’ll find Alyse in the garden and hanging with her husband and two boys. If she could be anywhere (other than work) right now, she’d be sailing the Whitsundays on a yacht. And top of her bucket list? Owning a pet monkey!

Leading an active lifestyle, Alyse understands how an injury can make us realise that we take many things for granted. The queen of positivity, she lives with no regrets and always keeps on keeping on. 

Alyse holds a Cert 4 in Allied Health Services, Cert 3 in Aged Care, Cert 3 in Home and Community Care, a Cert 3 in Disability Services and is a qualified swim teacher.