What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy, also known as aqua therapy and water therapy, is a form of therapeutic exercise undertaken in water. A safe and effective treatment for various injuries, hydrotherapy is especially beneficial for those that are aggravated by weight-bearing.

Performing a range of gentle exercises in a pool, the physics of combining warm water and buoyancy assists in facilitating certain movement patterns, while providing resistance for others. Our university-trained therapist will join you in the pool to carefully guide you through each exercise and give you peace of mind.

The benefits of hydrotherapy

Relieving pressure on joints, hydrotherapy is designed to be easier and less painful than exercising on land. A safe form of rehabilitation or low-impact exercise, aqua therapy helps to mobilise stiff and sore joints and muscles.

An effective treatment for many injuries and illnesses, hydrotherapy is particularly suitable for:

  • Arthritic joints
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation, including knee and hip replacements as well as shoulder surgery
  • Neurological and brain injuries, including stroke rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy
  • Patients with multiple trauma, eg. motor vehicle accident recoveries
  • Pain management
  • Mobility and balance; particularly good for those with a high fall risk 
  • General exercise
  • Mental health

What to expect at your first hydrotherapy session

Before attending your first water therapy session with Fizzio For Life, we organise you to meet with one of our highly-trained physiotherapists or exercise physiologists. This enables our team to assess the appropriateness of this treatment for you, develop a personalised program and ensure your safety in the water.  


Our hydrotherapy sessions are held at the Gould Adams Pool, Kingston Road, Kingston and Beenleigh Pool, City Road, Beenleigh. You are responsible for paying your pool entry (except for DVA and some third party insurance patients). 

Your therapist will meet you at the pool and rather than standing on the side giving you directions, they join you in the water, ensuring that you feel safe and secure. 

Providing you with full supervision and support, we carefully guide you through a program of water-assisted stretches and exercises. We may also recommend you use some gentle resistance, such as pool weights, resistance bands or a flotation device. 

No matter what your level of water-confidence, we cater to your needs. Each pool also has ramps, hoists and water wheelchairs available, to ensure ease of access.

How long is a hydrotherapy session? 

A personalised session may vary in time from 30 minutes to one hour, dependent on your needs.

What to wear 

If you’re not comfortable wearing bathers, that’s fine.  You can opt to wear shorts or tights and a shirt which will give you room to move. Keep in mind that the chlorine in the pool is a form of bleach, so please don’t wear your best clothes!

You may also wear water shoes and remember to bring your towel. Change room facilities are available at both pools. 

How to access our services 

To make an appointment for your hydrotherapy session, you can either call our team Tel: 07 3805 3223 or book online. You do not need a referral from your GP.

For detailed information on how to best access our services, click HERE

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