Who we are.

The long answer is that we are a talented multidisciplinary team of Allied Health professionals comprising of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, and Massage Therapists who believe in helping people to feel better.

The short answer is we are you!  We are people of all ages, of all levels of fitness and sporting experience, with injuries, illnesses and problems that impact our daily life and performance.  Like you, we want to live long and fulfilling lives doing the things we love as long as we can.   We strongly believe that our role is to empower you to live a life you’ll love, whether that’s a sporting life, an active family life, a travelling life, or a simple life filled with gardening, dancing and socialising with family and friends.

We understand you because we ARE you, and we care. No compromises. 

At Fizzio for Life you won’t spend your therapy session plugged in to electronic machines while your therapist attends to other patients.  Because our emphasis is on your well-being, your clinician spends the entire appointment focused on you and your treatment.

Your team consists of some wonderful therapists who have diverse experience and ways of treating. This means we can always find a therapist that fits your individual needs and goals.  We are also a registered NDIS provider of exercise physiology and physiotherapy services.

We can’t wait to meet you!  Let’s get started!

NDIS Registered Provider

What we do.

Our goal is to empower you to be in charge of your health, so you can make informed decisions about your condition and take an active role in your recovery and rehabilitation.

Your team of therapists will educate you about your condition, will teach and guide you through exercises and techniques, and will provide a plan for your care.  They will help decrease your pain, manage your injuries and and thereby increase your wellbeing.  

Your team provides physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, women’s health services, clinical Pilates, post-surgical rehabilitation, exercise physiology, myotherapy and remedial massage in Waterford West and Kingston in Logan, south of Brisbane.

To see more about how we can help you with specific conditions, click into the pages on the left, or use our interactive ‘Your Body’ tool.

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