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Pregnancy and Women’s Health Physiotherapy

  WE CAN CARE FOR YOU DURING YOUR PREGNANCY! Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body goes through many many changes in terms of shape, size, posture, hormones and even breathing, heart rate and temperature changes. These changes may … Read More

Quadriceps Contusions – aka ‘Corks’

QUADRICEPS CONTUSION:  ‘CORKS’ Corks result from a strong blow to the leg where a deep bruise occurs to the muscle tissue in the quadriceps. It can happen in other body areas, however most often in the thigh.  These injuries commonly … Read More

My Health for Life Program

  We are proud to be approved providers for the Qld Government ‘My Health for Life’ program.  The program has been developed by Diabetes Queensland, The Stroke Foundation, The Heart Foundation, QAIHC, the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland, and Primary … Read More

How to prepare for your Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

  Are you anticipating a total knee replacement this year?  It has more than likely been a long and complicated decision-making process and you’ve been in a significant amount of pain.  You might feel powerless or concerned about the surgery. … Read More

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Merry Christmas
Christmas Hours – Clinics and Exercise classes

CHRISTMAS LOCATIONS AND HOURS We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and an exciting and rewarding 2018! Our Waterford West clinic will remain open during the Christmas break with the exception of the public holidays, so if you … Read More

Gentle Exercise Classes

This is a gentle exercise class that goes for 50 minutes.  The class is mainly conducted on a seat.  The exercises include some gentle cardio and resistance exercises, balance and stretching components.  You may use therabands, balls, small weights and … Read More

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