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Gina Lee

Gina describes herself as optimistic, curious and talkative. Our team will tell you this is true! She also has a fun laugh that makes us all smile. Self-effacing but incredibly smart with multiple degrees under her belt, Gina loves helping patients move well and feel better. Her typical work day at Fizzio For Life sees her out and about in the Fizzmobile, in the hydrotherapy pool and working her magic in the clinic, but not before starting her day with a cold drink of water. When she has a rare gap between patients you’ll find her studying text books and journal articles, or asking questions to further her life-long learning.

Having been trained from a young age as a golfer, Gina has had her share of training injuries and pain, something that means that she is empathetic and understanding on the impact of injuries on her patients.

When she isn’t working Gina loves to read or watch movies, but nothing too gory! Otherwise she heads out and about finding awesome new places to eat – Thai food is a particular favourite. Her dream is to dine at a Michelin star restaurant – our dream is that she shouts us!

Shyanna Wardrop

With a lifelong interest and involvement in competitive sport, Shyanna has recently graduated from UQ as an exercise physiologist. She loves seeing people complete their goals and really enjoys listening to her patient’s personal stories.

While she didn’t quite make it as a professional pole vaulter which was her childhood dream, she was a competitive swimmer which means she really relates to her patient’s setting and achieving goals. She also has a background in providing swimming lessons for children, which makes her a great candidate for helping our younger patients become comfortable and stay safe in our clinical hydrotherapy pool.

Her calmness is a great asset but it remains to be seen if she would remain calm jumping out of a plane – something she says is number one on her bucket list! Other than flying high, she is happiest sitting around a campfire with family and loved ones, listening to country music and sipping a crafted cocktail.

Shyanna is a great choice of therapist if you are looking for a therapist with boundless energy but a calm and reassuring presence.

Samuel Saw

Joining us in 2023, Samuel graduated as a physiotherapist in 2015. One of the most empathetic people you will ever meet, Samuel has honed his physiotherapy skills through experience in both chronic and acute settings, rehabilitation, community and aged care settings. He has extensive experience in orthopaedic physiotherapy, post fractures, joint replacement rehabilitation and post-surgical management.

The thing Samuel loves most about his role is seeing his patients get their life back post injury or illness, going back to doing the things they love, in control of their health and equipped to manage their condition. He brings a calm presence (maybe from daily meditation practice) and a kind nature to his role which many of our patients appreciate.

While he didn’t become the world level handball player of his primary school dreams, he is a keen sportsman and loves nothing more than throwing a basketball around a court, and hopefully into the odd net. The only thing is, this is where his injuries come from! After a significant ankle injury and numerous finger injuries, he says taking up golf seems like an attractive option.

On the weekends you will find him watching Bluey with his young family, and teaching them all he can about everything and anything. If he could be whisked away, it would be to the Rockies and hitting up some good ole country music, while having a well-deserved massage.

However, in lieu of having a teleporter, Samuel loves the variety of work at Fizzio For Life. In any given day you will find him out and about in the Fizzmobile, in the aquatic therapy pool, or doing hands on work improving our patient’s musculoskeletal injuries in the clinic.


Josh Willcocks


Helping people achieve their health goals through exercise, Josh has over five years of experience in exercise physiology. Throughout his career, he’s worked with many different injuries and health conditions with both patients and across many government initiatives, including Medicare, NDIS, DVA and WorkCover.

Patient and empathetic, Josh genuinely cares about the long-term well-being of his patients. Skilled in adapting an exercise to suit his patient’s individual needs and goals, he’s also able to gauge when they’re ready to safely progress.

A typical day for Josh revolves around using exercise and movement to help people achieve a better quality of life. This could be in the gym, at the park, developing in-home programs, or conducting telehealth appointments. You’ll also find Josh helping patients at the in-clinic gym, at external gyms, and at hydrotherapy classes at the local pool.

Motivated by helping people work toward their functional movement goals and recover from injuries, Josh feels ultimately rewarded when a patient begins to see results and he can see how proud of themselves they are. He loves working with the Fizzio For Life team, which encompasses a positive and enjoyable vibe, every day.

A keen sportsman, Josh himself has suffered from a range of injuries, including a ruptured ACL and torn meniscus from playing touch football. This, in fact, is what sparked his interest in rehabilitation exercise. Having experienced injuries himself, Josh gets that the recovery process is long and knows that the best strategy is to be consistent with your exercises and remain positive. 

Outside of work, Josh enjoys being active and keeping fit. Walking the talk, he knows that if he’s dishing out advice on exercise, he needs to be doing it himself! Whether he’s outdoors on an adventure, playing rugby, at the beach, hiking or exploring new territory (hello new cafes and bars), you’ll find Josh at his happiest.

Featuring at number one on his bucket list, Josh wants to see as much of the world as possible; a goal which fits nicely into his personal motto, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. A humble, yet talented artist, Josh hopes to one day dedicate more time to his drawing.

Josh holds a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology, is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and is an Exercise and Sports Science Australia Member (ESSAM).


Kerryn Ivers


With over six years of experience as an exercise physiologist, Kerryn loves helping people to improve their health so they can live their life to the fullest. Whether that be returning to sport, managing a chronic condition or simply being able to get up and down to play with grandchildren, Kerryn genuinely cares about her patients’ well-being.

With a focus in the areas of occupational rehabilitation, chronic disease rehabilitation and group exercise classes, Kerryn is dedicated to helping our local community live a healthy and active lifestyle. Having completed additional training in cancer/oncology rehabilitation, Kerryn is passionate about the role exercise plays in cancer prevention, mitigating the impacts of cancer treatment and survivorship.

Reliable and caring, a day in the life of Kerryn involves meeting with patients to review, prescribe, educate, motivate and progress their physical conditioning programs. She meets with patients in the clinic, in hydrotherapy sessions at the pool and in their own homes. 

A creative thinker and problem-solver, Kerryn can think outside the square when faced with a challenge to overcome barriers and find a solution. Meeting people where they are at and listening to their story, Kerryn applies her extensive knowledge to their situation to help them move toward their goals.

Seeing people have fun while exercising makes Kerryn super-happy. After all, looking after your health doesn’t have to be a chore. A SUP enthusiast herself, she loves getting out on the water and dreams about bike-packing around Europe with her husband.

If Kerryn was granted one wish and could go anywhere in the world right now, you’d find her lounging by the water after a SUP session, watching her kids play in the sand. When there’s no genie in sight, Kerryn’s weekends are spent watching her boys play cricket. On a day-to-day basis, Kerryn is constantly feeding her growing children and doing their laundry! It naturally follows that good coffee is a must!

Kerryn holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Human Movement Studies (Hons), is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and is an Exercise and Sports Science Australia Member (ESSAM).


Nathan Johnson


With over five years of experience as an exercise physiologist, Nathan is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether you need to get back to work or the sport you love, Nathan provides tailored exercise programs to help you on your path to a healthier and happier life.

Compassionate and fun, Nathan’s priority is to help you to do the things you love. He thoroughly enjoys engaging with and supporting our NDIS participants, is focused on strength and conditioning exercise for athletes returning to sport, and is especially interested in treating neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

At his happiest when witnessing patient wins and success, Nathan is driven by the satisfaction of helping people to relieve pain and achieve milestones they thought were not possible. Developing a personalised exercise and movement program to suit your capability, Nathan provides you with unwavering care and encouragement. His extensive knowledge around exercise enables him to assist you in your recovery, rehabilitation or chronic disease management.

In his downtime, you’ll find Nathan playing or watching sport, spending time with family and friends, drinking coffee, listening to podcasts and always hungry (yes, truth!). He loves being outdoors, in the sun, exploring nature or out on the water. Proficient at riding a bike with his dog on the lead (no catapulting over the handlebars here), Nathan dreams of watching an AFL grand final live at the MCG or Liverpool playing at Anfield.

A massive sports fan, Nathan loves AFL, cricket, football, rugby, basketball and American football. Having fractured his ankle playing AFL and experiencing post-surgery complications, Nathan knows how quickly life can change. He also has a deep insight into what it takes to recover from an injury and the importance of moving as soon as you can.

Nathan holds a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Business (Accounting). He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Exercise Scientist and is an Exercise and Sports Science Australia Member (ESSAM).