Pregnancy and Women’s Health Physiotherapy



PregnanPregnancy classcy is a time when a woman’s body goes through many many changes in terms of shape, size, posture, hormones and even breathing, heart rate and temperature changes. These changes may create pain, impact on your ability to exercise or do day to day activities in the way you normally would, and affect your mood.

The good news is that a qualified Pelvic/Women’s Health physiotherapist can help you to minimise the impact of these changes – both during pregnancy and beyond – to make this time of your life as amazing as it should be.

We can treat the aches and pains that occur during pregnancy, or post-natally due to the change in your shape and the flexibility of the joints that stabilise your joints.  Some of the most common areas affected are upper and lower back, pelvis, shoulder, wrists & thumbs.

We can safely guide you through exercise during your pregnancy which has been shown to have many benefits including:

  • decrease labour duration and complications
  • decrease fatigue, varicosities, swelling in the extremities, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression
  • decrease risk of pre-eclampsia & gestational diabetes
  • regulate glycaemic control to help manage gestational diabetes
  • manage pregnancy related weight gain, and
  • improved mood

Importantly, a physiotherapist with training in pelvic floor can teach you how to use your vital pelvic floor muscles correctly  (in most cases we are doing it wrong!) and how to look after them, which will help to keep you dry and support your pelvic organs during your pregnancy and for the rest of your life.  One in three women who have ever had a baby will experience some kind of incontinence, and one in five women – regardless of having children – will have a prolapse.  Scary numbers! Learning good pelvic floor muscle function and care before these problems arise are the best way to minimise your risk of being one of these statistics.

Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Our women’s health physiotherapist, Julie, has undergone extensive training in pelvic floor conditions, pain, pregnancy, and incontinence.  She is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Men’s, Women’s Pelvic Health group.  She is also trained to in Level 4 clinical pilates, so she is well placed to help you with core strength training and birth preparation.

Julie is now running a small group class for pregnant women and new mums on a Tuesday morning.  There are only five spots available, so call us now at Waterford West to book for your individual pre-class consultation, or book online by making at online booking at Waterford and choosing an Initial Women’s Health Musculoskeletal appointment with Julie. For more information about how we can help with your women’s health needs, check out our dedicated page.

PS:  Thank you to our beautiful model, Andra.  Soon after these pictures were taken she welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world!

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