Social Sport

Many of us have finished the 2021 season vowing to ourselves to do exercise over the summer only for the year to roll around and arrive at the pre season but we are still out of shape but now a year older and none the wiser. After that first session we can be pretty sore and a few days later still sore and we tell ourselves it’s just a niggle but then it lasts for weeks and weeks before we do anything about it, if we do anything about it. Sound familiar? With increasing activity and often rapidly before the season without a base we are at increased risk of soft tissue injuries before the season even starts.

Playing and participating in team sports remains an important part of some Australians’ lifestyles whether that sport is played as a social, weekend, semi professional or elite level. 

  • 83% of women (over 15 years) participate at least 1x per week and 67% 3x per week.
    • Of these 54% participated in sport related activities
  • 79% of men (over 15 years) participate at least 1x per week and 60% 3x per week.
    • Of these 69% participated in sport related activities

What can be done to mitigate injuries for the millions of Australians currently preparing for another year of sport?

Ease into it

When resuming sport or recreational activity after time off, remember to ease into your activity with a reduced intensity and duration before increasing to previous levels over time.

Warm up

Completing a proper warm up prior to activity can help mitigate injury risks during sport as well as promoting increase in blood flow prior to your event.


Completing an individualised exercise program targeted to your specific sport or activity can not only help improve performance but reduce your chance of injury.


Cooling down and allowing the body to recover post activity is important. That can involve proper nutrition and hydration post activity as well as allowing adequate time between activity for the body to properly recover.

So as we approach that time of the year with largest community participation rates, keep in mind the increased injury risk as we ramp up for the season. 

Don’t forget to listen to your body and seek professional advice.