New Year – time for new goals?

January is the time of year when people set some goals to achieve for the coming year. Lots of people start exercising or increase their exercise, however many find this particular resolution difficult to stick to. The good news is there are things you can do to improve the chances of success, so let’s have a little chat about how you adjust your thinking to be successful in your plans.

Firstly, you need to determine what is the real reason you want to exercise

Is it:

  • for your health?
  • to continue moving?
  • to reduce pain?
  • or maybe be physically able to go on that holiday you have been planning once Covid is under control?

Secondly, you need to find an exercise you enjoy. You will not want to continue if you find it boring! If it is going to work you have to enjoy it

Hints: Try different types of exercise – only doing the 1 type of exercise can get monotonous. Shake it up a little and add in some different types of exercise, like dancing or a group class.

– Don’t be too hard on yourself! If you don’t make the set amount you wanted to achieve in each workout or number of times you have exercised that week – it is ok . Reset for next week. At least you have done something!

Thirdly, think long term – the aim needs to be more than just a month or trying to improve, but a lifetime or a lifestyle change. A great way to think about is that exercise is going to keep you moving doing all of the other things you love for the rest of your life, physically and mentally.

Lastly, don’t over think it. Any movement is better than nothing!! Moving your body is moving your body! Just jump up off the computer do something for a minute!

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