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Maathangi (or “M” as we affectionately like to call her!) graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) from the University of Queensland. Maathangi has experience in private practice and occupational health settings, working with a wide range of people and … Read More

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Julie Atkin


Julie has a wealth of experience in sports physiotherapy, and a special interest in Women’s Health. Julie treats pelvic floor and continence disorders, prolapse, pregnancy and postnatal problems, and exercise in the child-bearing year – all perfectly supplemented by her Pilates experience.… Read More

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a system of exercises using slow and controlled movements that are modifiable for people of all ages and abilities.  Clinical Pilates is the targeted use of Pilates as therapy, by a qualified health professional. The method aims to reduce pain, and improve posture, core strength, muscle control, balance, agility and flexibility. The premise is to strengthen and stabilise core muscles and to educate patients on correct movement patterns.  Pilates exercises can be performed on the ground (e.g. Mat Pilates) or on reformer machines.

What are the benefits of Clinical Pilates?

Pilates is low impact and gentle on the joints and the movements are slow and deliberate.  As such there is a form of Pilates suitable for all abilities.

At Fizzio for Life, Clinical Pilates is used by the physiotherapists or exercise physiologists as a part of your overall therapy.  We use it to help you activate specific muscles, retrain or strengthen specific movement patterns, alleviate joint dysfunctions or aid in your recovery from injury or illness.  It is also useful to correct posture.

The exercises can be performed on a Pilates chair, reformer or on a mat on the floor.  They are suitable for people that cannot sustain high impact on their joints, or who need to increase their core strength.  Clinical Pilates can be particularly beneficial for those that suffer from back pain.

Pilates and Pregnancy:

Pilates is useful for strengthening core muscles that support the pelvic floor during pregnancy.  Having strong core muscles help support your growing tummy during pregnancy, and makes it easier to recover your strength and function after birth. We can adapt your program for you as you progress through your pregnancy to make sure you are always undertaking appropriate and safe exercises.

Pilates and Balance:

Pilates is ideal for improving balance and minimising falls risk in those of us getting wiser and perhaps a little bit greyer! The controlled and slow movements really allow us to target and strengthen the muscles that are responsible for holding us upright and preventing falls.

Pilates, neck and back pain:

A heath professional can use Clinical Pilates to strengthen inactive or weakened muscles in your back and neck, and use stretches to relieve muscle tension and pain.  Strengthening your core abdominal muscles can also give your back better support.

Where do I start?

Individual Clinical Pilates sessions

If you want one-on-one support, are pregnant, or want to start our class program then you should start with an individual session with one of our Clinical Pilates care team.  They will support you and help you perform targeted exercises for your strength and recovery.  Individual sessions with the therapists start from 30 minutes.  We can accommodate longer appointments, up to an hour, if you have complex needs or would like a longer session.  Please mention this at the time of booking. If you are pregnant and wishing to discuss Pilates, we recommend you begin by seeing Julie, who is our senior women’s health physiotherapist.

Small group classes

We also run small group classes (max of 5 participants) in Clinical Pilates for 50 minutes.  These classes are floor and reformer based.  We use a variety of small equipment such as hoops, resistance bands and balls.  These classes are suitable for all levels and the exercises are targeted to your specific requirements.  An individual session with the Pilates care team is necessary prior to attending because these classes are targeted to your specific requirements.  This way we can establish your limitations and goals with your specific condition in mind.  The only physical requirement is that you need to be able to get down and up from the ground.

Bookings are essential because numbers are strictly limited.  See our timetable for specific class times.  News about timetable changes, or new classes will be available in our newsletter or on Facebook.  So make sure you sign up or like our page!

Please note that health fund rebates are temporarily not available for Pilates classes at our clinic due to the way we have chosen to respond to the Government’s recent health reforms.  Please call our clinic to discuss.