Maathangi Karunaharan


Maathangi (or “M” as we affectionately like to call her!) graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) from the University of Queensland. Maathangi has experience in private practice and occupational health settings, working with a wide range of people and … Read More

Nathan Johnson

Exercise Physiologist

Nathan graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology. Prior to this Nathan completed a double degree in Accounting and Exercise Science and his experiences lead him to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Exercise … Read More

Michael Gilbert


Michael’s experience includes musculoskeletal, cardiac, orthopedic and respiratory physiotherapy. He has extensive experience in treating hands and upper limbs, post-surgical rehab of shoulders, as well as post-hip and knee surgery treatment. … Read More

Josh Willcocks - exercise physiologist Logan | Waterford West & Kingston

Josh Willcocks


Josh is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise and Sports Science Australia Member (ESSAM). He will strive to help you to achieve your exercise-related goals using all the knowledge he has gained through his experience as a student, clinician, and sportsman.… Read More

Kerryn Exercise Physiologist

Kerryn Ivers

Exercise Physiologist

Kerryn is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and a member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSAM).  She graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor in Applied Science (Human Movement Studies).  Kerryn has over six years experience in the … Read More


Hydrotherapy is a form of therapeutic exercise that is done in the water.  It is a safe and effective treatment for all kinds of injuries, particularly injuries that are aggravated by weight-bearing.   The water can help to relieve some pressure on joints and make it easier and less painful to move them.   The physics of being in warm water and bouyancy can assist certain movement patterns and provide resistance for others.  What do you get when you combine this with the expertise of a university-trained health professional, who is in the water with you?  A safe form of rehabilitation or low impact exercise that helps mobilise stiff and sore joints and muscles.


Hydrotherapy can be used to help a lot of injuries and illnesses.

It is particularly suitable for:

  • Arthritic joints
  • Post surgical rehabilitation including knee and hip replacements, and shoulder surgery
  • Neurological and brain injuries:  Strokes rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy
  • Patients with multiple trauma e.g. Motor vehicle accident recovery
  • Pain managment
  • Balance and mobility
  • General exercise

You must have an individual appointment with a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist before attending a hydrotherapy session. This will enable us to ensure your safety in the water, the appropriateness of the treatment, and to develop a program for your individual needs.


Our hydrotherapy sessions are held at the Gould Adams Pool on Kingston Road, Kingston.   If you are not comfortable wearing bathers, that’s fine.  You can wear shorts or tights and a shirt which give you room to move (keep in mind that the chlorine in the pool is a form of bleach, so please don’t wear your best clothes!).

Your therapist will meet you at the pool.  Patients are responsible for paying their own pool entry (except for DVA and some third party patients). At Fizzio for Life we strongly believe that the best and safest outcome comes from being in the pool with you. Your therapist will never stand on the side of the pool giving you directions.  You will be fully supervised and safely supported during your session because you will be in the water with your therapist.  You may use some gentle resistance in the pool, such as pool weights, or a flotation device if appropriate. You might do some simple water-assisted stretches or other exercises.

Your individual session may vary in length from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on your needs.  If you are interested in a class, you can look at our calendar for a time that suits, but please don’t forget to make an individual appointment first!